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Happening I: Our Travels Along the Seine: Apr-May 01

Happening II: My 80th: Nov 01

Happening III: Knoxville for Byron's Graduation, U of Tenn; Architecture: May 02

Happening IV: We Hike the High Sierras: Jul 02

Happening V: Gold Rush Country & San Francisco: May 03

Happening VI: Travels Through Georgia: Oct 03

Happening VII: Our Favorite Get-Away: Moro Bay: Jul 04

Happening VIII: Paul Throws A Gala Swinging 50th Birthday Blowout For Tina: Aug 04

Happening IX: You're Not Going To Believe This! Ron Flies With Dan In His Bonanza: Aug 04

Happening X: Tina Throws Surprise 20th Anniversary "Passing The Bar" Party for Paul: Dec 04

Happening XI: Marjorie's 80th: Feb 05

Happening XII: We Take A Music Cruise Down the Mississippi.Memphis to New Orleans: Apr 05

Happening XIII: Dan Has A 50th Birthday!!: June 05

Happening XIV: Tina & Paul in Tonga: Oct 05

Happening XV: Passover in Memphis: May 06

Happening XVI: Father's Day 06

Happening XVII: Our Travels Through Andalucia Spain May 06

Happening XVIII: Tina & Paul Throw an Extravagant 17th Anniversary Party: 22: Oct 06

Happening XIX: Celebrating New Year 07 In Portland

Happening XX: New Year's Eve 08 With Marilyn & Bob Snare

Happening XXI: Paul's Big 50th, 20 Sep 08

Happening XXII: A Happy Passover 09

Happening XXIII: Tina In Sicily May 10

Happening XXIV: Ron & Paul at Jon Stewart Rally in D.C. and Visit With Byron & FamilyOct 10

Happening XXV: A Happy Passover 11

Happening XXVI: Chanuka 2011

Happening XXVII: Brianna Performs In Her Arts School Play Feb 2012

Happening XXVIII: Sadie Hawkins Day 2012

Happening XXIX: Tina & Paul on the Adriatic Coast

Happening XXX: Nov 27 2012: A Very Special Day...Xmas Tree Trimming at
Our Dear Jan & Fred Gutkind's Home

Happening XXXI: August 2013: Susan and Ron & Friends Enjoy an Outing at Banff

Happening XXXII: August 2013: Lisa & Brad Celebrate Rosh Hashanah With Their Family

Sep 2013 Edition

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