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High Sierra Camp; Glen Aulin, 21-24 July 2002.
This was our most recent hike of the High Sierra Camps. At one time or another we have hiked all the camps at least once and in the company of friends (Treigers, Ellmans, Rosenblatts, Shepards). We would usually spend overnight at Tuolumne Meadows to become accustomed to the altitude (8,600'). The camp, just off Tioga Road, offers tent cabins (sleep 4), a good restaurant, a beautiful setting and is a great place to start hiking the back country. The distance between camps is about eight miles. As to elevation, Merced Lake is the lowest at 7150' and Vogelsang the highest at 10,300'.
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Sunday: spent 1st night at Tuolomne in our own tent! Toulomne is beautiful; went walking along adjoining creek Food is never a problem at Toulomne or the camps; had a great pepper steak for dinner with great people at table.
Of course there was the evening campfire with sing-alongs and talks by rangers. Kim and Bryan of Fresno..on their honeymoon in the Sierras and headed for Vogelsang....great folks and hoping to enjoy their company again. Monday AM; start of 7 mi trail down to Glen Aulin; weather great. This is the one flowing creek we crossed; Marj made it fine but I splashed in on return...even with help from very kind horseback rider.
Fortunately, the trail was well marked with "ducks";a big help on massive granite slabs as seen in next photo Lunch stop: gorp can taste mighty good Just as we remembered it from 20 years earlier, the scenery was breathtaking
Up till this point, about two mi left to Glen Aulin, the trail was easy...little did we expect what was to follow... OK, we expected to begin a steep switchback descent to the camp...but then.... The "trail" became a tortuous layer of irregular rocks which required cautious stepping and balancing the whole way. It was very slow going . This is a close-up of one section...the rocks had been placed since we were last here to prevent deterioration of the trail by pack mules.
Finally we arrived at the bridge leading to the camp...hallelujah! The sight of the falls in the opposite direction was a feast for the eyes All High Sierra Camps are re supplied by pack trains. In this case the wranglers were young ladies. Well...after our ordeal of the "rocks", we were happy to just laze about the campgrounds on our second day at Glen Aulin
This delightful young couple, Steve and Rebekah, are hiking from Bridgeport to Bishop...over 200+ wilderness miles. They've just finished swimming at the foot of th falls. One of our great delights was the company of our tent mates, Mary Ann and Bud Emerson of Del Mar. There was a lot of "sympatico" between us. At sunset we mounted the ridge above the camp and witnessed this scene. The beauty of the Sierras is something so very can't be captured on film...and surely not on the web.