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Our travel through Georgia...We flew to Atlanta for the marriage of our grandson,Byron, to our Darling Susanne on Oct 26, 2003
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After the wedding we drove to Savannah, stopping along the way to walk through Lexington, a small historic confederate town. We spent two nights in beautiful Savannah and then drove on to Americus where Marj's Aunt Eva Pearlman, years ago, had a general-goods store...we encountered one elderly lady who remembered the store. Americus is next to Plains, Jimmy Carter's home town; the Carter's used to come to Americus to shop. From Americus we drove to Columbus were we spent the night. In the morning we drove to Rome to visit with Marj's brother,Herb, and sister-in-law, Babs. Then, on to Atlanta where we roamed some of my old "haunts" and, then, our flight home.
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We went off road to visit Lexington, so typical of small Southern towns...the courthouse with the Confederate soldier's statue in place...and, of course, the "relaxed" interior of the courthouse.

We stopped briefly for lunch in Augusta on the Savannah River. The next pics are on the river-front in Savannah where I had my fill of delicious oysters. Savannah is a most beautiful city, especially the old quarter near the river. The are many park squares along the tree-shaded streets. The area imparts a sense of quiet and beauty unlike any other we've visited.

This is the desk-clerk at our hotel in the old quarter..Marj later did his portrait based on the snap. The Savannah Reform Temple is one of the oldest in the nation; clearly it's architecture reflects its assimilationist-Christian architect. The lovely lady with Marj is from one of the oldest families in Savannah and related much of the history of the temple

We arrived in Vidilia on the day of Halloween. Vidilia is the "home" of the delicious (sweet) Vidilia onions. Here we met this lovely lady dressed for the occasion. After a night in Columbus, we drove on to Rome where we were able, after many years, to visit with Herb and Babs. In the evening we dined at their country a beautiful setting full of southern beauty and charm.

Finally, in Atlanta, around Piedmont Park...where I spent much of my boyhood and where my friends, Hiram Horne and Billy Counts lived. Our old apartment at 1130 Piedmont was gone, replaced by a splendid new condominium complex. In fact, the entire area around the park has been up-scaled and gentrified. Our final home in Atlanta was on 14th St in the triplex pictured here. Piedmont Park, where I and my friends played and swam, is still pretty much as it was...a source of some satisfaction to me.