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Our Favorite Get-away: Moro Bay 19-21 July 04

What better to do than tie one on after a 3-1/2 hr drive ?

This is the view from our room in the Inn At Moro Bay. The Inn is located in the Bay State Park and is adjacent to a bird (Heron) sanctuary (in trees at left). Watching the Herons fly out to skim and fish the water of the bay is one of our specal pleasures.

Monday Evening: Harold & Bonnie Bring Champagne To Toast Our Visit Harold Ready to Drive us Over to Beautiful And Quaint Los Osos For A Delicious Mexican Dinner

Next Morning Before Breakfast, A Walk Toward "Town" On The Way, We Pass Some "Quaint" Homes...Indigenous To Moro Bay

Moro Bay Is Not Just Any Other Tourist Place...It Is, In Fact, A Boating & Fishing Center Now There's A Boat !

Bonnie & Harold Join Us For Breakfast At The Inn

Harold Drove Us Up To Near The Top Of Black Mountain Where We Met The Cummings Who Live Near Mojave . They planned to hike up to the we were shamed into doing the same. Harold Cummings took this photo of us at the parking lot from which we began our hike to the peak

At the top. We're looking due east (away from the bay).

There's probably no better place to see the whole of Moro Bay than at the top of Black Mountain. In the center of the view is the Moro Bay golf course which we played later that afternoon. To the north (at the right of the view) is Highway 1 which runs up past Hearst's Castle and Big Sur. To the south (at the left of the view) is the charming villiage of Los Osos and Highway 101. [Click on the photo to see an enlargement and then scan from left to right to see the full view. After viewing, click on the "Back" button to see all the page]