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We Take The Music Riverboat Down The Mississippi

On the 13th of April 2005, we flew to Memphis where we boarded the Music Riverboat for five days and nights of music and fun cruising down the "Old Muddy".
[Several videos from our cruise are shown at the bottom of this page. Note: without broadband connection, the videos will load slowly.]

A map of our musical cruise. We stopped at Vicksburg, Natchez, Baton Rouge and, finally, New Orleans Ron and Susan coming down the way to join us for dinner on the boat. A view of "Ole Man River".
Exercise on the top deck Here's one crazy guy who can bang out the tunes A view of the dining room…food was good.
Vicksburg: the "Gibraltar of the Confederacy"; took all that Grant had to overcome it Part of Vicksburg defenses. Looking at the hilly terrain and many redoubts, a frontal attack would never have been successful. It was only a siege that could overcome the defenders. A typical redoubt
Boy! Could them seniors shake a leg! And, there's Marj right in the center. See the video below. Even Marj had to take a little time out. Kent and Espie were good buddies.
At every stop, we had local music and players; it was great fun. Here we are tied up at Natchez.
Marj couldn't help hi-stepping to the music of the Calliope steamer cruising by. Natchez is a beautiful antebellum city with many plantation homes. And, what's more natural to Natchez that Marj should have her first Mint Julep.
…And here's a "hotdog" country singer named, what else, "Billy Ray" In Natchez we were treated to a concert of gospel; Marj loved it.. Here we are greeted at the door. Man, there was lots of stomping and clapping going on all evening.
Strolling along the deck; the weather was great the entire trip. On the last full day, a barbeque feast on the upper deck …And, where else, Jackson Square in New Orleans. We stayed over one night, had great food, listened to great music. Next day we rented a car for the drive back to Memphis where we enjoyed visiting with Susan and Ron. Flew home next morning..

Note: Videos load slowly. Click on bottom left corner of videos to stop and start. You can also "drag" the bottom tab forward and backward as desired.