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Dan Has His 50th The Way He Wants It

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On the 24th of June 2005, Dan and his family celebrated his 50th birthday. The day began for him as his [Hollywood Aviators] partner, Farid, invited him to an exciting flight in a WW II AT6 [North American advanced trainer aircraft], a very powerful and speedy plane. They (with Dan at the controls) did barrelrolls and loops and flew low along the coast almost level with PCH [Pacific Coast Highway] auto traffic. In the evening, Dan and family were joined by Paul and Tina and Marj and Ellis at Monty's Steak House...a favorite of the family's for many years.

Using Dan's cell phone, we were all able to talk with Susan and Ron back in Tennessee [Germantown] and wish them a happy 32nd anniversary. It was all the more special because, that very evening, Byron, Susanne and baby Cameron were on their way from Atlanta to be with the family. The day of the 24th of June 05 was truly a Happening.

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It's time for goodies.
...And Paul adds his two [billion] to the pot! Finally Dan's comments on turning 50.