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Tina and Paul Throw An Extravgant 17th Anniversary Party with the following invitation:

Paul and I are really excited to be hosting again this year the way we used to! This year's celebration will be held at MINX in Glendale. Our reservation is for 6 p.m. and come prepared to celebrate, but no presents--just YOU! Looking forward to seeing you all there! Smooches to everyone!!!!
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As is customary for P&T's anniversary blasts, family and friends gathered to wish this beautiful, happy and fortunate couple many happy returns. They also gathered to enjoy the booze and delectables that Tina alwsys orders up for her parties.
So who are the lucky guests? Well...there's Mom & Dad Katz, Mom Reva, Dan & Michelle Katz, Charlotte & Alan Liberman, Susie & Howard Rothfeder, Larisa & Michael Bolotsky, & Marcia & Wil Vashaw.
What a GREAT party!