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On Oct 24 2010, Paul flew to Memphis; He and Ron drove the VanGo to D.C. for the Jon Stewart Rally; They joined Susan in Bethesda for Visit with Susanne, Byron & Sons...and walked Cameron to school for the Halloween Parade

Paul & Ron camp out in D.C. :[Click on snaps for enlargement]

...And here they are with Susanne, Byron, Cameron & David]

...And Susanne, Byron, Cameron & David join Paul & Ron in a Camfire D.C., where else but at the White House /

...And here's Ron & Paul on the Mall in D.C. with about 200,000 others who, with Jon Stewart, have an urge to poke fun at the "Tea Partiers"

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...And here's the fun part...Paul & Ron walking Cameron to his school to take part in the Halloween Parade
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...And, finally in Cameron's school for the Halloween celebration. And the whole family is gathered for the extravaganza...Susan and Susanne with David are in view.

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