Happening XXVIII
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Sadie Hawkins Day 2012!   Tina throws BIG Suprise Party for Paul on this Day*! [see footnote]
She had arranged that four of her beauteous friends would suddenly appear to Hug, Embrace and Smooch Paul....and offer gifts... while they were dining out!
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Paul says...
"Here is the picture of me with the girls who were to try and woo (spelling?) me, but of course, it was Tina who woo's and wows like no other. On the far left is my next door neighbor. She has a 10 year old son who is great, and I play catch with him, read with him and we are all very close neighbors. The girl on the far right works with my neighbor so that is how it all came together. The girl on the far right was the first one to approach the table saying "don't you remember me, don't your recognize me?" Of course I was so shocked, I did not even put it together when she said she knew me 25 years ago, which is probably how old she is. She then excused herself, and next came her sister, who is next to her, immediately to the right. The sister was soo funny saying she was there on a date, but her date was boring and that she saw me from across the room and wanted to meet me. And then she got up and excused herself. And then girl on the immediate left of me, who was a roommate of the other two came over and started flirting. Finally, all the girls came over and we had the biggest, best party. Each girl gave me gifts, of course purchased by Tina--the blue shirt I was wearing was a gift, which was to match my blue eyes."
What can I say--THE BEST PARTY EVER!!!

*For those of you not "old" enough to know, "Sadie Hawkins Day" was an invention of Al Capp, a comics cartoonist who is famously known as the creator of "Li'l Abner. On Sadie Hawkins Day (every Feb 29), all unattached females were priviledged to run down their chosen mate. In the case of Li'l Abner, it was Daisy Mae who did the chasing...though she never caught him