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Arcos de la Fontera is at the center of the ”Pueblos Blancos” (White Villages). These whitewashed villages of Andalusia are impressive historical monuments in themselves, and their people still live according to age-old traditions, inherited from their Iberian, Roman and Moorish forefathers. As you drive through the mountains, you will occasionally spot such a village high in the distance.

Our parador, formerly the Casa del Corregidor, sits on a peak with an impressive panoramic view of the fertile plain of the river and of the old part of Arcos de la Frontera. Wonder of wonders is that we just happened on the single open parking slot in the lot fronting our parador. Some folks actually parked in lots down the mountain while their friends waited at the top for a slot to open. I hardly need add that, once we were parked, we didn't drive away until leaving Arcos.

For lunch, we walked down a steep "street" to a little tapas cafe. Then, again, you don't want to do any "hot-dogging" on the streets of Arcos. In fact, it's wise to keep your side view mirrors folded and, if walking, be sure to sight a doorway into which you might slip to avoid injury.

It turned out that we were visiting on a special festival day, "Crosses of May", in which the residents and merchants compete for honors as having the best display of the crucifix. Some were really impressive with fresh flowers woven around the cross. Most of the narrow little streets of Arcos were festooned with arches of shrubery.

Leaving Arcos the next morning, we were on our way to Ronda

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