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Arrived Barcelona morning of 4/25/06. Checked into Hotel Colon on the "Cathedral Square". Throngs of people with many visiting the ancient cathedral across the square. Notice the scaffolding…the restoration has been going on for decades with no end in sight. Lunched on "tapas"…tapas are kinda like hors d'oeuvres; i.e., mini snacks you can pick off the bar counters.

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Walked down to the marketplace (modern building) where many stalls sell all kinds of fish. Boarded a tour bus and learned (the hard way) you'd better stay on if you want to retain good seating/viewing

Along the tour, we spotted the exciting architecture of Gaudi and the statue of Columbus ("Colon) pointing the way to the "New World".

All along Las Ramblas, you see the incredible "Mime" performers. From the top of Ramblas to the sea port at the bottom you see stalls selling bird pets, flowers, souveniers, food, etc. It's very exciting .

Barcelona was a great start for our time in Spain. On our third night, we boarded the Night Train and arrived the next morning in Granada
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