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We arrived in Cordoba and attempted to find our hotel (Maimonides) in Córdoba's old Jewish quarter, a network of narrow lanes and atmosphere. Even with a local map, it was impossible...which leads us to relate our first experience at the warmth and generosity of the Spanish. Hearing of our plight, A young motorcyclist volunteered to guide us through a maze of narrow "streets" to our lodging. He would not accept our euros for his time and care, but, with a wave of his hand, turned around and off he went.
The Maimonides is located directly across from the most important site in Cordoba: the ancient mosque which, after the Reconquista, became a Christian site. The Mezquita dates back to the 10th century when Córdoba was the one of the largest and most prosperous cities of Europe, outshining Byzantium and Baghdad in science, culture and the arts....and was a center of Jewish learning.

We shared a table with Marta & Carlos for a tapas lunch and, afterwards, walked the gardens of the Mezquita and spotted thse little girls who were very willing to pose for us. It was a festive time in the the video clip will prove. The interior of the "mosque" was awesome. Note the chapel dedicated to Judas.

Up the narrow street [Calle de los Judios] leading away from the hotel, we came across the statue of Maimonides and, a little farther, the synagogue, one of only three originals remaining in Spain. Regretably, we noted a swastika grafittied over the plaque at the entrance.

Took a buggy ride through the labrynth of streets making up old Codorba...then drove out to the ruins of Medina-Azahara.
In 936 caliph Abdul Rahman decided he needed a new residential town, and built Medina Azahara, at that time the largest town in all the region. Chroniclers tell us about the extraordinary beauty of the palaces: the "Throne Hall" and "Golden Salon", both constructed with arcs of ebony and ivory and ornaments of marble, gold and precious stones. In the center there was a basin filled with mercury, which reflected the rays of sunshine.

...and then, after three delightjul days, we were on our way to Carmona. Along the way, we spotted the following scene: That's a large statue of bull in the distance...we saw the same at other places.
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