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Driving to Seville, we skirted the mountain range over which we had reached Ronda and somehow found our way to the central train station where we returned our car. Took a taxi to the hotel Las Casas de la Jude in the old part of the city. The taxi let us off--not at the hotel--but at the foot of an "alleyway" from where we rolled our bags to the entrance. After checking in, we thought we were there...but we weren't. We then had to negotiate a long beautifully decorated tunnel (which we assume ran under the street) to our room: quite an experience!

The hotel is is located in the "La Juderia": quarter one of the most traditional areas in Seville and is quite delightful with its gardens and patios .The building housed wealthy Spanish families during past centuries including the famous Padilla, Manriquez and Zuniga families.

We walked and walked old town Seville: along the walls of the Alcazar, the great cathredal, and through the park [Plaza del Triunfo].

Here, in the first pic, is the site of the tobacco factory where legend has it that the story of Carmen unfolded. The former Real Fabrica de Tabacos (The Royal Tobacco Factory) is now part of the University of Seville. Built between 1728 and 1771 it is the second largest building in Spain. In the 19th Century three quarters of Europe's cigars were manufactured here, rolled on the thighs of over 3000 cigareras: (female cigar makers). These workers inspired French author Prosper Merimee to create his now famous gypsy Carmen in his 1845 short story. After Bizet based his 1875 opera on the heroine, Carmen was established as the embodiment of Spain s romantic soul.The second pic shows millstones that had been used to process the tobacco leaves.

The third photo is of the last remaining Jewish architectural artifact in Seville...the entrance way to the old part of the Santa Maria Blanc church...only a few steps from our hotel.

On our third morning in Seville, we woke very early to catch our plane to Barcelona for the trip home.

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